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                DOWNLOAD https://yadi.sk/d/9vfQpVCM3Ma7s4
PASS 12345

Hey Guys Naterion here with a New Self updating Paladins Hack Its been awhile since i made a video on a new paladins hack and now its finally here, i hope everyone Enjoys. ^_^

Third Person

1. Open options.ini and enter paladins full path which should end with "paladins.exe" at path={your path here} and save the file

2. Open cheat and login with your username and password, and you will get message "logged in" if everything is okay.

3. after that launch paladins and hack menu will appear if everything went okay if you got an error try to give it another try.

4. Setting Hotkey by 2# methods. First by clicking button under function and then clicking key you want to set on keyboard. 2# method keep holding key you want to set and then press button under function

5. For Aimbot if aimbot aiming at enemy you dont like or its behind wall or you want to aim at someone else close to you, release aimkey and press it again twice.

6. Control Aimbot if you want to change the distance of aiming open option.ini and change distance value. same apply to aim position. click load option.ini button to apply settings





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